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1.5 Miles-Long Amphibious Jungle Course


Safe N Secure coined the term “Adventure Shooting” and has expanded it into Team Building activities that will help your team bond far beyond what common team building game do.


The following is our non-required compliance to EPCRA:

2007:   87lbs of lead

2008:   135lbs of lead

2009:   164lbs of lead

2010:   145lbs of lead

2011:   107lbs of lead

2012:   272.06lbs of lead

2013:   165.13lbs of lead

2014:   152.75lbs of lead

2015:   92.94lbs of lead

2016:   183.29lbs of lead

2017: 74.94lbs of lead

2018: 69.84lbs of lead

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Training


The DrOpZOne is equipped to provide its membership and their guests with the comfort of civilized amenities but also the challenge of training tools and environment for shooting and adventure like no other place.


In order to help protect the environment--and remain in accordance with the CWA (Clean Water Act), CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Comprehension, and Liability Act), RCRA (Resource Conservations and Recovery Act), SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act) and EPCRA (Emergency Planing and Community Right-to-Know Act) we maintain a rigorous control of our toxic waste.  To help this process we have established requirements which increase your cost of shooting on this range but help tremendously keep our area clean:   ALL projectiles must be full-Metal-Jacketed to reduce leaching of lead between cleanups and sifting of the hot spots. 

Using the Fire Book record, every-time the lead waste inventoried reaches 55,101.50Lbs (25 Metric Ton) an excavator will be brought in to extract the dirt from the berms hot spot.  The dirt will be stored beside the Safety Table with a tarp underneath and covered with another tarp that will extend beyond the perimeter of the base tarp.  This will allow us to take the time to either sift the dirt or neutralize the lead through the use of MT2 proprietary process without having to worry about extended leaching into the ground.  Meantime the back stop will be replenished using the dirt that has eroded down at the bottom of both sides of the berms.  Sifted or neutralized dirt will then be used to reinforce berms in non-shooting areas.

The DrOpZOne controls its lead waste VERY effectively in order to abide by all five laws regulating toxic waste.  Of these laws, only two apply to us, but we think wise to do better than that.  Furthermore, the DrOpZOne has contracted an independent survey, control and environmental protection plan development with an independent entity to ensure that we are among the most environment-friendly facilities of the sort.  We have taken steps and adopted measures that far exceed the local, State and Federal requirements, and we take great pride in doing so and the quality of environment we are able to offer members for camping, fishing, hunting and of course shooting.

360-degree Ballistic Shoothose and 2 Tactical Bays


In addition to being the only 360-degree ballistic shoothouse available to civilians in a 300-mil radius, the DrOpZOne is the exclusive hosting location of Safe N Secure for the delivery of “Reality Based” training using UTM and Simunition for Force-on-Force training. One of only 28 locations across the 10 States surrounding us Certified to train civilians with Simunitions.


The DrOpZOne is a fellowship made of individuals who enjoy the outdoors and are dedicated to self-reliance.  Members of the fellowship enjoy sharing their expertise on their personal skills and experience.  

We are not a survivalist community.  We are a community of people who think by the latin moto "Ense et Aratro" which means "Serve your country with your plow in peace time, and serve your country with your sword in war time".  Coupled with the fact that we live in a hurricane prone area, and at a time when we have suffered great loss and damages on our own soil from attacks of Muslims, it is common sense for one to organize their affair so in case of emergency one can become an asset to his/her community rather than a burden.

At the DrOpZOne you will find people who can teach you how to hunt, fish, handle firearms for the protection of your property, friends and family; and who can also teach you how to make fire, cook, camp, throw and axe, forge steel, and help prepare your community for catastrophic event.  

Our experience is not from books but from the real world. We believe that if every neighborhood in America were prepared the way we are there would be less to worry, less crime, less hurt and less fear in our society.

We help each-other, we let Boy Scout of America use the property and provide them with opportunities to earn their Shotgun and Rifle Merit badge, and we provide learning opportunities and assistance to all people with unquestionable ethics motives and background. 

We do not associate with members of groups who have a pattern of betraying this country by supporting enemies of the United States and/or the US Constitution, who use their political or financial power to attack the Constitution of the United States, who practice a religion that dictates killing people from other religions, atheist, gays, etc.

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17585 Highway 301 N, Hortense, Georgia 31543, United States

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